The Forgotten || Chapter 1 ||
The Forgotten 

|| Chapter 1 || original stories

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|| Chapter 1 - The Forgotten ||
In a world full of chaos and the natural world order is in ruins, a young orphan and his companions will fight for justice and discover the truth behind what the world has really become.

The Forgotten || Chapter 1 ||

Humans have been created to continuously develop through physical growth and intelligence of the world; however they were not supposed to grasp the secret of technology.

The word ‘technology’ is already as complex as it sounds, but adding the mechanical words and gears to it make it almost impossible to comprehend.

We now take for granted the intricate designs, and with our sense of what is right and wrong – destroying, manipulating and damaging the earth is considered right.

The year is 3096, mankind have annihilated the earth through pollution, globalisation and poor land and water management.

The trees have been uprooted and cleared, the soil is parched and arid, and the biodiversity that once roamed and covered the earth had now died out and disappeared.

The ‘Peacemakers’, guardians of the earth were created to protect and deliver the earth and it’s beings from such evil and despair,

furious with what mankind had done to the earth they forced them out of their homes and fire eventually began to engulf the lands.

As the land slowly disintegrated, and the foolish humans continued to re-create their old lives and technology, the Peacemakers introduced creatures called the ‘Reapers’.

Their job was to pursue the human beings,

extinguish them and deliver them into a hollow pit where fire swallowed them whole and their ashes were constantly eaten and recycled in the raging blue flames of eternity.

Human beings were at a critical point where they too were going to be extinct, many people died from illnesses and malnutrition, euthanasia was a major key in the death toll,

the remaining few human species that were left lived in fear and in hiding – though some survivors believed that they could create and start-over,

they believed that the earth could return to what it once was. Those people had hope and in their eyes hope was strong, it was so strong that it overcame their fear of extinction.

“Boy,” a soft murmur travelled through my ears, I opened my eyes and inhaled loudly “Be quiet, there’s a Reaper closing in on us."

I looked around, on my left was a girl with thick brown hair tied into a ponytail with a shoelace and next to her was a boy about the age of eight; shivering with fear and tears in his eyes.

“George, quiet down.” She wrapped her arm around him and whispered a few words that seem to calm him down.

Thoughts and questions boarded onto my train of thought, “Who are you? Where are we? How did we get here?” I asked these questions aloud without realisation.

“My brother and I were out looking for wood for our camp, and then a Reaper caught sight of us. We ran into this junkyard, we couldn't find anywhere to hide until we caught sight of you under this truck.

Seeing you here we thought that you were hiding too, but you weren’t breathing.”

“I thought you were dead.” Whispered the boy named George.

“So did I, but then you suddenly opened your eyes and you were breathing really heavily.”

Heavy footsteps were heard after her sentence, as the footsteps came closer the ground shook as well.

The girl’s eyes were alert and followed as the giant feet stumbled across and past the truck we were hiding under,

as the three of us lay quietly in the dirt the Reaper eventually left the junkyard and the ground no longer shook. The girl poked her head out, she listened and observed.

Her senses were incredible and sharp like those of an eagle, her posture reminded me of a meerkat when they're scouting.

“Alright, all clear.” She said.

We all staggered out from underneath the truck and dusted off the dirt from our viciously dirty and torn clothes.

“What’s your name?” Asked George.

“I don’t know.” I answered blankly.

“What? What do you mean ‘you don’t know’?” The girl was shocked and confused.

“I mean, I don’t know what my name is. Or who I am, or how I got underneath that truck. I don’t remember anything.”

The boy and girl looked at each other with a puzzled look on their faces; I could tell that to them I was a mysterious boy who should perhaps not be trusted.

Besides the reason that I seemed to come back from the dead and I've got amnesia, I was topless and my back was entirely tattooed.

Obviously, no one could trust a young boy who had his entire back tattooed that was ‘unconscious’ underneath a truck in a junkyard for who knows how many days or even weeks.

“My name is Vera,” the girl held out her hand “We’ll take you back to our campsite, and get an elder to check up on you.” I placed my hand into hers, “Thank you.”

We walked slowly and in great caution, ducking into every abandoned building that was open, listening and watching for anything suspicious.

Eventually we reached a little patch of land on the outskirts of the town that we were at, there were little tents made out of old blankets and fabrics.

“Vera! George! You’re back, did you find any wood for the camp?” an old woman approached us, waving intensely.

“None, sorry ma.” George apologised.

“Nah, we met up with a few Reapers and picked up this young boy but no wood.” Vera explained.

The mother looked at me and then gave me a beautiful curved smile, “You look cold my dear, let me get you something to cover your body with."

She walked into the closest tent and came back out with a sleeveless grey top, “Sorry that it’s sleeveless, I’ll stitch some sleeves on tomorrow for you.”

“No, it’s alright. Thank you very much.”

“Hey ma, d’know where I can find Elder Sam?” Vera enquired.

“Should be in his usual spot out back near the camp circle.”

“Alright, thanks ma. George, go help ma and the others.”

“Okay,” George smiled cheerfully “See ya later!”

“C’mon, let’s go see Elder Sam.”

Vera and I walked through the endless amount of people that were busily walking about,

doing chores such as cleaning the tents or providing the camp with basic needs such as wood for the fire and fabric for clothes and tents, others were talking casually,

everyone had something different going on and they were all completely occupied.

“Elder Sam!” Vera suddenly yelled loudly and began jogging towards a man that did not look older than 30.

“Vera!” The man laughed joyfully as he embraced her with a tight hug “What can I do for you today?”

“We need your help.”


“Yes, we.” Vera gripped onto my arm and pulled me towards her side “I met him in the Junkyard, North of Town to the East.

George and I were running away from a Reaper and hid underneath a truck, he was there. He doesn’t remember anything, nothing at all.”

“Interesting.” Said the man “Firstly, shall we think of a name for our so-called nameless visitor?”

“Sounds like a great place to start.” I agreed.

“What about the name Alex?” said Vera.

“That was your ex’s name, don’t tell me you’re going to start hitting on him too!” Elder Sam exclaimed.

“Okay, okay. What about Felix?”

“Ew.” Elder Sam looked disgusted.


“We’ve already got like 12 Peter’s in our little community.”

“Alright, August?”


“How about Marcel? It means ‘young warrior’.” We all turned around and Vera’s mother was standing behind us with a tray of small broken cups of water.

“’Marcel? I like it.” I considered the meaning and the sounding of Marcel, I quite liked the name.

"That settles it then," said Elder Sam sitting down "now what is it that you last remember boy?"

I paused and pondered, "All I remember is waking up next to Vera and George underneath a truck." "Mmm, why don't you close your eyes and think reply hard." Vera suggested.

"Alright, I'll give it a shot." I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and took a stroll along Memory Lane. I could see myself underneath the truck with Vera and George, I could see George trembling and holding back his tears.

It was a strange feeling and thought, that I was in third person and watching myself unconscious from a far. "Oi!" Vera was panicking, "wake up!" "Is he dead?" asked George trying not to get his tongue tied.

"I don't know, he's not breathing or responding." As Vera shook me quite violently but carefully, something fell out of my pocket. It sparkled and tumbled underneath the truck beside us.

I opened my eyes, "I had something with me before, but it fell out of my pocket." "Oh yeah? What was it?" Elder Sam asked. "I'm not sure, but it may hold a clue on who I am. I need to go back and retrieve it."

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