#IceBreaker Challenge (An idea by @duskthoughts)
#IceBreaker Challenge (An idea by @duskthoughts)  fun stories

chhr2103Nice and dandy like cotton candy 😋 😆
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An idea about breaking the ice. Let's get to know each other better! Great proposal, @duskthoughts

#IceBreaker Challenge (An idea by @duskthoughts)

This challenge seemed interesting and I decided to try out this idea as well. 3 questions with 3 options to choose from (2 false ones and another one that's true about me) It is super fun guessing! Thanks for the wonderful idea, @duskthoughts

Question 1: What breed is my current dog? a) German Shepherd b) Chihuahua c) Yorkshire terrier

Question 2: What do you think is my most favourite series? a) Lucifer b) Game of Thrones c) The Walking Dead

Question 3: Which out of these do you think is my favourite quote? a) "Sleep solves everything" b) "When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look for stars" c) "Good words cool more than cold water"

- Chihiro

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