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Here's a list with odd and random facts which I found interesting!

All the more intriguing

Fact 1

2,000 pounds of confetti are dropped in Times Square on New Years Eve. (I don't want to imagine what it's like cleaning all of this)

Fact 2

In 1974, the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis published a paper titled "The Unsuccessful Self- Treatment of a Case of 'Writer's Block.'" It contained a total of zero words. (Irony XD)

Fact 3

Sleep literally cleans your brain. During slumber, more cerebrospinal fluid flushes through the brain to wash away harmful proteins and toxins that build up during the day. (Au revoir, toxins! Won't miss you, guys!)

Fact 4

Space has a distinct smell: a bouquet of diesel fumes, gunpowder, and barbecue. The aroma is mostly produced by dying stars. (So, my neighbor smells like Space?! COOL!)

Fact 5

Netflix is responsible for 15% of global Internet traffic. (Which reminds me, I need to make myself an account there! The newest season of "Lucifer" is coming out this year on Netflix! WAIT FOR ME, SEASON 4!)

Okay, time for psychological facts!

Fact 6

Convincing yourself you slept well tricks your brain into thinking it did. (Tell it to my friends)

Fact 7

90% of people text things they can't say in person. (This explains a lot about someone I used to know in middle school)

Fact 8

Psychologically proven, it only takes 4 minutes to fall in love. (Hmmm, I don't know. I'm not experienced in this area)

Fact 9

When you try to remember a past event, you're actually remembering the last time you remembered it rather than the event itself. (I can still recall the last time I remembered falling on the ice)

Fact 10

People who oversleep tend to crave more sleep. (Once Alex is asleep, no friends, no family members, no natural disasters - NO POWER ON THIS PLANET CAN WAKE HIM UP)

Thank you for bearing with me and reading this rather long post! I hope that there's at least one fact that you liked (or one fact that you can relate to)! - Chihiro

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