All My Little Pieces
All My Little Pieces

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All My Little Pieces

by cheyneefilkov

I'm a little more than tarnished. A puzzle with missing pieces. Some days I'm not entirely convinced they can be found. But I'm ready to at least try.

I'm a little more than crazy. My baggage an impressive find. I'm still struggling to find room for it all. But slowly, I'm finding my place.

I'm a little insecure, and a lot self destructive. Trying to discover deceit and agendas. Trust has never been easy for me. But I'm willing to take a chance.

I'm a little hesitant to let down my walls. I'm not ready yet to be vulnerable. Slowly I coax myself away from my walls. Instead of allowing anyone to run through them.

I'm a lot of things all balled into one. There's not a mould that could fit me. Too much has changed to ever go back. So I tip toe cautiously forward. To the bright, brilliant, unknown

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