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the creation

by cheungfio

i can see just who you're , you're the missing part , the only living boi left in the world but i wonder what the world has done to you .

i see you walking down the fifth avenue seeking for salvation in a girl but if you get what you receive , it comes down to what you believe . but do you believe you're someone she can love

life is like a loaded gun pointed at the lonely ones , do you think the final bullet will be enough

i know who you want to be , you want to be a good company but everything you say gets turned around ,so you decide to be alone

you disconnect your telephone and decide to go to places where you can never be found

we all know that everyone needs a friend , but who will you love in the end and can you be somebody they can trust

change your mind and change your life , go out there and find yourself a pretty wife and be a man untill you turn to dust

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