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She knew almost everything.

Self taught

by chetsnut

She knew almost everything.

They taught her how to walk, talk and laugh. They taught her what to eat and not to eat. How to write, first her own name, then hundreds of words mixed into beautiful stories.

She learned how to ride a bike, how her body would change and the world would change with her.

As time passed by, she learned how music could change a person, their mood and their feelings, in just a few seconds.

Her parents taught her how to love the ones who were the closest to her, how to appreciate them and care for them.

They taught her how a person could not be fully beautiful if the personality did not match the face.

The books taught her what makes us breathe, how everything had started and how the future probably would look like.

They taught her how to multiply, divide and understand the language of mathematics. She knew almost everything.

However, not one single person taught her where to look, what to do or what to think when her eyes met his. When the only thing that kept them apart was a small street.

When her heart almost jumped out of her chest, when she forgot how to breathe and his gaze was on her shaking figure.

Not one single person taught her what to do when her secret, one-sided love made her body weak, so she did the only thing she could get herself to do; she looked away.

In the end, no one could ever teach her how to handle something she never wanted.

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