The Nostalgic Days...
The Nostalgic Days... love stories

cherryme Take care, spread love and happiness.
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Do you ever fall in THOUGHTS of the PAST, HAPPY DAYS?
I did, too....

The Nostalgic Days...

I fell today in nostalgia Cause I had fight with my friend Sia..

I think we both shed a lot of tears Life seems hard that we can't bear..

Life is a game of hide and seek Very few are here so kind and meek

I do remember my childhood days. .we used to fight like a cat rat chase.. And said my friend not to show her face I wish I could store those memories in my lifetime Case...

Don't miss them, be careful Live with them, they're joyful

You will remember them in the pain And they would never come back again..

Hope that future will be good and bright We will enjoy the full moon nights

Everyone should meet kind, good mates Wish you good luck and bright fate..

Beautiful springs and noisy rains... We will live those days, hopefully again...

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