Sleepless night
Sleepless night nightmares stories

cherryme Take care, spread love, happiness.
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Night is beautiful, spreading love from moonlight..
But sometimes..

Sleepless night

Lying lifelessly Looking at the sky I become numb Thinking "WHY...?!"

Even my shadow Left me alone The scars are mine Heart became stone

Wishing you to be here Hugging me dearly I have to cry myself to sleep You can see this clearly

Moving hands of clock Cover the distance of my life I need some pain Give me a knife

Even also my thoughts Haunt me all night I'm growing weak To stand again and fight

My existence is shrinking Increasing the pain Isn't it possible for me To end all this vain?

Another hour passed Laying awake in sleepless night I want you to be here And hug me tight

Help me to fight With these nightmares I'm laying alone Wondering, "who cares!"

Every night I pray Not to wake up again Oh God I plead you To end up me and my pain.

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