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cherrymeTake care, spread love, happiness.
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Hey! Happiness is here to meet YOU!! READ IF YOU WANT TO MEET HAPPINESS!!!


Having a lot of money is NOT happiness

Loving Family and friends.. Love That never ends.. Is happiness

You have some talent.. You.. with your mind.. not violent Is happiness

Having wealth is not happiness A health to enjoy it is happiness

Having a caring friend.. Who would never let you go.. You have comfort.. That she will never let you go Is happiness

Receiving little gifts.. Or compliments.. Is happiness

Enjoying your favourite dish after being hungry.. Is happiness

Someone hugs you tight when you feel low.. Is happiness

Someone stands on their words.. of "never leaving alone" Is happiness

Enjoying life..together with friends.. having hot chocolate in cold.. Is happiness..

Someone believing you... That what you speak is true.. Is happiness

Someone covers you with blanket.. when, sleepy, you shiver in cold.. Is happiness

Your love.. Holding your hand.. Walks with you . Is happiness

When someone likes or comments on your post... That is extreme happiness for me... šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Happiness is not a person that will come to your doorstep.. try to find it in little things... If you have experienced any of these things .. You are happy!!

This piece .. I know... Not that good but I just hope You..... like it! Take care :)

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