Death of mine..
Death of mine.. love stories

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We all feel a little dead inside at some point..
What makes you dead?
What kills you?
Here's a piece..

Death of mine..

I never thought

In my worst nightmare

That you'll slip off of this connection so easily


As if butter is sliding along hot pan

So feasibly

The picture of yours on my wallpaper

Which I used to stare

Just before closing my eyes to sleep

And just after I open them and look for your morning texts

It changed now

I still do the same, but

The smile has turned into tears and sobs

I miss those texts

With lots of love

And goodnight kisses

Me blushing all long

And now I'm thinking

What went wrong

It's not that I hate you,

And I never will

Though the sweet memories

Every night, they kill

Little cells of my heart

Which i gave you..

And not necessarily

That this Happened immediately

I've watched you

Watched you change

Little by little,

Day by day...


It was just a little knot

I thought

But no,

There was a crack..

Which widened and I didn't notice..

Changed ..

The way you typed

Way you talked

Way you looked...


But everything was fine..!

I could still bear it I thought..

Until you told...

I am the one

Who killed you..

Who killed the person I LOVED

The person I adore..

You might not have realized


By your these venomous words

You killed me so brutally

And mean every word of it


And here You're saying me...

That it'll be fine

Because you don't give a f**k

About me or even death of mine!


That sketch was made my me.. I hope you all liked the poem.. Love you all!

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