Commaful party.. my dream..
Commaful party.. my dream.. dream-2018 stories

cherryme Take care, spread love, happiness.
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This is just a dream.. IT was unlisted, but I published it before I leave. Everyone on this site is invited. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Commaful party.. my dream..

Red dot on bell icon.. Opened with excitement.. "You are invited for VIRTUAL COMMAFUL PARTY.. At: social world, block no. 297, commaful mansion."

Wait.. Wh... what!! Amazing!! Is it a dream??!! I don't care.. I am invited and I am going...

(Scene there) @sydney, Sydney ... creator of this wonderful site... is with 'The commaful community' discussing something important.. ( maybe about 'page reads' fixing : P ) There's a meeting going on.. some people are with blue comma badges.. Oh.. commabassadors..

Meeting of commabassadors.. like @darklyloved, @angelic @misunderstood, @lostangel, @ivoryannalise, @basharasweet and many more.. Talking about some.. some surprise.. wow!!

I am with @chimmy, my best friend on commaful.. eating some chocolate cake.. :) You know, who is serving us? Bronze comma, and silver comma symbols.....😆😆 While 'gifted writer' pen is hosting the party ;)

I have arranged a treat for all my followers : P Everyone is enjoying the party given by @sydney for being so famous.. for creating this AWESOME website.. Special thanks to him from me :)

@stadarooni, @akiner, @stevewaldrop, @sy, @PoemsAboutMe @neutralfleur @PoemsAboutLife @kaylynn, @boblong @ant @skye and other GREAT WRITERS AND POETS are here too... Wow... I am eager to talk to everyone here... Specially first two, and to tell them how wonderful there pieces are!

Wait, I heard that we are going to have another surprise here... Whoa!! I can't believe this.... And just then...

"...... My mom woke me up"

So wonderful dream I had.... Ah! I wish it comes true 😂😂 Everyone reading this is invited... Too.. :) Special gifts for people who likes this post 😂😂

Comment and let me know if you liked it.. And if you want to continue this dream 😂😂 I LOVE COMMAFUL 💕💕

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