The Real Truth About Having Anxiety
The Real Truth About Having Anxiety stories

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The Real Truth About Having Anxiety

by chelsey

Anxiety Is....

Different for everyone, which can lead to a misunderstanding of what it is. Anxiety is more than worry. It is an overwhelming fear. It is not being able to do anything in a suffocating world.

Anxiety Brings A Friend When It Visits

That friend is the voice in your head that knows what buttons to press. It may be anxiety's friend but it is not your friend. All it wants to do is hurt you and it is very good at it.

Sometimes Anxiety Is Quiet

It is not raising my hand in class and whispering the answer, even when I know it just so I am not told I am wrong. It is not laughing at a joke or singing my favorite song with my friends.

Anxiety Sometimes Is....

Thinking you are a burden to your friends, so you don't go anywhere with them. Then it is the worry that they will think that you don't want to be there friend. Then the cycle repeats.

Sometimes Anxiety Is Angry

It is felling so bad that you snap and yell at anyone who will talk to you. It is hating yourself for feeling like this. Feeling completely not normal and just wanting to be.

Anxiety Makes You Feel Weak

Sometimes you just cry for seemingly no reason or for something that someone did years ago. While having an anxiety attack you know that it does not make sense and you can't stand it.

People With Anxiety Need To Be Reassured

You need people to say that they like you so you remember it. Even if you don't believe them when they say so.

Anxiety Can Get Better

Just because you have anxiety does not mean that you cannot live a normal life. You just have to find some thing that can help you and surround yourself with people who understand.

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