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My recent change of mind towards planning.

One Day

by chelsey

One Day

Two words that have held me back...along with plenty of other people. Humans, well most humans, live their lives thinking one day

One Day

One day I’ll travel the world One day I’ll eat healthier One day I’ll be a better artist One day I’ll sing in front of someone and not worry

Why? What makes this one day that everyone plans for special

A few years ago today was one of my one days One day I’ll be an adult One day I’ll be in college One day I’ll decide what I’m going to do with my life

You know what though things change

some of my one days will never happen because I’m not on the path that I was on One day I’ll create a video game One day I’ll work with computers One day I’ll work at NASA

While I may never work for NASA or do some of the others

that doesn’t mean that I should always live my life only looking forward to one day. You can’t completely avoid one day​ but you can always start making your today into yesterday's one day

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