Mistakes Make The Biggest Regrets
Mistakes Make The Biggest Regrets mistakes stories

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Maybe a little bit too much information about me. At least it is honest. :) <-awkward smile

Mistakes Make The Biggest Regrets

by chelsey

If you had the chance would you go back?

Would you turn left instead of right? Would you call instead of wait by the phone? Would you pick a different school? Would you have stayed at school instead of going home? Would you have told?

Would always leads to others. Should I have? What if I had?

Everyday I wonder. Everyday in my head I live another life. Everyday I ask myself those questions.

Should I have told people?

After one of my best guy friends punched me in the face, I was scared of him. I was scared of everyone. Should I have said my friends guilted me into talking to him.

Should I have stayed at school instead of going home?

The summer during high school I was at an engineering camp. I got sick and I went home. A few days later my grandmother fell and died shortly after. They kicked me out and said I missed too much.

Should I have picked a different school?

I applied to a few high schools and I got into one that specialized in computer science. Then I got into the top high school and turned the other down. I hated it. I eventually changed schools.

Should I have called instead of wait by the phone?

He was someone I could talk to about anything. My phone kept cutting off and I told him our phone call was going to end. He said I would just call back. I didn't want him to be right. 6 years.

Should I have turned left instead of right?

Last summer I was a couple hours away with a school group. My roommate and I got lost and I fell and hurt myself. I have been treated different since.

I will never get my answers.

I see those regrets as some of my biggest mistakes. You have to decide to pay attention to your mistakes and learn from them. You learn less when you get things right so make mistakes and learn,

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