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Day 9 of 30 Sorry these are taking so long to post some of them are harder to write for one reason or another.

Dear Parents

by chelsey

This is going to be one of the hardest letters for me

Did you know that when I was younger and I learned what a divorce was I wished that y’all would get one. My earliest memories don’t involve either of you.

For a long time we only saw each other on Sundays

when we would go to the movies together. Those days were filled with y’all yelling at each other and ignoring me. Both of you have tried buying my love but it never worked.

I never saw either of y’all as my parents.

I still don't. The only time y’all would talk to me is when either you were bad mouthing the other or telling me my grades were not good enough.

That was how things were when everyone was healthy.

When mom started getting sicker things changed. Dad, you could never handle her being sick and you would lean on me. I remember being in elementary school and having to talk to the emts

Did you not think it was weird for a child to not cry

when they thought their mom was going to die or after her triple bypass. I had to stay strong for you. I still do. It wasn’t fair. Life isn’t fair.

I used to have nightmares about upsetting y’all.

I still have panic attacks about it. I can’t make choices on my own. I have an evil tag along voice in my head telling me I am not enough. My grades are not enough. I am not nice enough.

I’m not blaming you although my therapist

seems to believe some of the parts of me that are messed up are y'all's fault. However placing blame on y’all will do nothing other than letting me wallow in self pity.

Even though this isn’t everything my point in saying

all of this is because I have one question. How did you not notice?

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