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chelseyCommunity member
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Day 6 of 30. This days was a choice so this is one of two that are directed to old online friends of mine. I never really got over either so this is my attempt

Dear Gabriel

by chelsey

It has been somewhere around over 7 years since we talked.

You how when you are young and people tell you be careful when meeting people online. They tell you that you never really know who people are on the other side of the computer.

I guess I should have payed attention to that when I met you

Without your friendship I would have never become the person I am now in regards to how I treat my friends. Also honesty is a bigger factor in choosing friends now. I avoided some bad friends.

If you had been honest to me we could still be friends.

Even if it was a week into our friendship. Even if it was a year into our friendship.

All you had to say is

hey so I have been lying to you this whole time, my name isn’t Gabriel and oh hey I’m not a guy. While yes I would have been angry and shocked it is better than having to be told by someone else.

Do you know how crappy that was?

How crappy I felt? Do you even care? I guess not though.

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