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chelseyCommunity member
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Day 2 of 30. This one is very personal so it is cool if you don't read it. Either way have a good day.

Dear Child Me

by chelsey

Dear 2nd grade me

Congratulations you are currently at the third school you had ever been to. Before Christmas you have: gone to public school for the first time, get walking pneumonia within the first month

Spent the majority of your time before your birthday home

because you are so sick, got kicked out of the school for not being in district on your birthday, and in your first week at your new school meet a bully. Wow.

I can’t say this is the worse it will ever get.

I also can’t say this will be your only bully. I can say though is that you will learn to love books. You will make friends that you will keep through elementary and some are still your friends

You will realise that you like school

You are actually pretty good at it. So just hold on to the good things in your life. You will need them.

Dear middle school me

Well I told you that wouldn’t be your last bully. Also it is ok not to like all of your classes and teachers anymore. It is ok to not be the best in your class anymore.

Your mom is trying to make up for the time she missed

so let her and don’t let her feel like she embarrases you, even when she does. It isn’t really her though it is the others in your class picking on you for her always being around.

Another thing you need to remember just because

Some people self harm to make themselves feel better doesn’t mean you should try it. It just makes it harder to deal with things later. Talk to someone about what you are feeling.

Dear high school me

TALK TO SOMEONE! You can’t handle this by yourself. Stop shutting down. Don’t believe them when they tell you that you will never get into your dream school.

You made two mistakes making friends online

You also made two great choices. You need to figure out soon who the mistakes are. He didn’t love you. He probably didn’t even care about you. At least you stopped talking to him when you did.

Talk to someone

Talk about him to someone. Talk about how you being homeschooled for the two years makes you feel. Don’t start caring about your friend as more than a friend because you will never say anything.

Dear child mes(? How do you even do that)

Hold on and talk to people because that is all I can tell you.

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