Dear Celebrity I Don't Like
Dear Celebrity I Don't Like stories

chelseyCommunity member
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Day 7 of 30 This was difficult. This is short. Can you tell me who it is.

Dear Celebrity I Don't Like

by chelsey

The first time I saw you act I liked you.

Well I like the movie better than the other movies you have done. Although you were killed quickly in your role I would rather remember you as this character.

After that you starred in another popular movie.

You became very famous after that which I congratulate you on. My problem isn’t with any of your roles.

My problem with you is.....

You are ungrateful. You openly bad mouth your role and the movie that you became famous for.

While the movie you were in was not the best.

That does not mean that you can or should talk bad about it. It made you famous like I already stated but it made you money. Where would you be without the movie.

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