Before: Part One
Before: Part One stories

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The second half of After. The beginning of the end.

Before: Part One

by chelsey

A knock on the door startles Kyle out of his thoughts.

“Kyle, are you home?” he recognizes the voice as Dr. Conner. When he gets to the door he goes outside to talk to the doctor and so the doctor cannot se inside of the house.

“How are you Kyle?" Dr. Conner asked him as she watched him.

There was a pause before she asked “Is Claire here today?” “I’m fine. Claire is here.” He said quickly. “Can I see her?” Dr. Conners asked him as she tried to look through the windows.

“Can I at least walk into the house? We need to talk.”

As soon as she stepped in it almost looked like she was looking for something. “What would you like to talk about, Dr. Conners?” He said as he stood in her path around the room.

“No you cannot meet Claire. I’m doing fine. Claire is fine."

If that is all you can go now.” He said as he walked toward the door. “That isn’t all. Are you still taking your medicine? When are you going to come back to my office?” She asked him.

“Yes I am taking my medicine and I don’t need to see you.

I am perfectly fine now. Now leave.” He said and opened the door. “If you are taking your medication, why haven’t you filled your prescription in three months? If you are ok why is Claire back?"

“Why ask if you knew? Why wouldn’t Claire be here?

She is my sister. She doesn’t only show up when something is wrong.” He said as she walked out of the house. He slammed the door closed as soon as she left.

“So that was your doctor. I didn’t know what to expect."

Claire said as she walked out of her room. There were no signs of anything having happened to her in the park. She even looked happier then he had seen her look in a while.

“Do you like her? As a doctor I mean.

By the way what did she mean you haven’t been taking your medication? Why aren’t you? Don’t you want to be healthy?” She looked at him as she asked her questions with a small amount of panic.

“She is an ok doctor. She is just very pushy. I don’t need..

I don’t need the medicine anymore.” He sighed when she just looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “You go away if I take them.” He looked down at the floor as he said that.

She raised his head and looked him in the eyes.

Then that’s ok if you don’t take them. I don’t want you to leave me too. I don’t want to go away. Maybe we need to leave this town and all of the memories from that day. I’ll be ok someplace else

"Someplace where I don’t have to remember all of the time."

“Ok. Where do you want to go?” He asked her. She smiled at him bigger than she had in years. “Why don’t you just pack and I will pick somewhere. Ok?” She waved him off to go pack for their trip.

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