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Part of a story I wrote many years ago.


by chelsey

"Claire, come on you need to get out of the rain!"

Kyle yelled out to the park across the street. When she didn’t reply he ran into the rain looking for her. His eyes wide in fear and his hair clinging to his face.

“Claire where are you?"He asked looking for any sign of her.

He didn’t see her sitting where she normally sat since that night. Why did it have to rain? he thought to himself as he looked all along the path. The green of the park started to blend into one.

"K...Ky….” a weak voice said from behind a bush.

Kyle ran toward the bush and saw Claire was all scratched with blood covering her. Her normally bright green eyes here dull and unseeing and her hair was covered in a crown of twigs and leaves.

“What happened?” he asked as he bent down to help her up.

“It’s my fault.” Claire breathed her eyes squinted together either in pain or in sorrow. “What is your fault Claire?” he asked having just got her into a sitting position. “Everything” she said.

“Nothing that happened that day was your fault." Kyle said.

He was going to get her over this if it was the last thing he did. “You don’t see the looks I get every day, the whispers behind my back. I am blamed for everything and they are right. If only I.

“If anything happened differently you would be gone.

We will talk about this later we need to look at your cuts and get you cleaned up.” Claire sighed “Maybe everyone would be better if I had died.” she whispered to herself.

“I thought things where getting better.” Kyle thought.

"What am I going to do now? It has been a year and a half and I was only given two years to help her." Kyle started to pace until he heard the squeak of the water being turned off.

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