Wake Up Calls
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chelsealyons Channeling sadness into passion
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Sometimes it takes a rude awakening to bring you out of self destruction.

Wake Up Calls

I've collected an endless string of bad decisions

Weaving and connecting into a strand of self pity

Entangling myself in my web of destruction

I have hidden the rope away in the dusty attic of my mind

Inhaling to haze the room so it may no longer be seen

But my continuous misdeeds have loomed over

my string has evolved into a noose

Unaware my own hands have done the tying

Suffocating anyone who comes in contact

Tempting me to seal my grim fate

I wallow in despair and wonder how this could have happened

and my stinging palms open to reveal the mark of rope burn

A rude awakening of what my choices have become

A reminder of the misery I have brought upon myself

But I will no longer be prisoner to the anguish of my past

I will no longer be oblivious to the impact of my actions

I will take back my tomorrow

and unravel the knot of my wrongdoings.

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