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chelsealyons Channeling sadness into passion
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Not everyone’s mother is loving.





Three insignificant letters come together to form the benefactor of life

Except the woman who presented me life

the woman who was meant to put me above all else in this world

The woman who's job description was to keep me safe, healthy, and happy for 18 years

Gave up in 12 and declared me a burden instead of a child

When kids ditched school in fear of bullies lurking for their prey

I fled to the bus stop 10 minutes early as my bully stood at my front door

Waiting to pounce on me with her newest criticism

Trapping me within the 4 walls where Im expected to be safe

your home is your sanctuary

Protection from the everyday injustices that lie outside your fortress of familiarity

But 4 walls can hide the cruel truth

That my home became my penitentiary

I, the sole prisoner

Locked in with my ruthless warden

And sure I was given warm meals and a bed

But what good are warm meals when you're told if you eat you'll be round as the plate it’s been served on?

What good is a bed when sleep is unattainable

Because your mind is circling through the endless verbal torture you've been handed to by the one who should love you unconditionally

And your eyes refuse to shut because you crave to delay the inevitability of a new day of torment?

And how are you expected to find worth in yourself

When you have been buried in the landfill of your creator’s unjust cruelty

and she can no longer tell the difference between trash and child?

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