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chelsealyons Channeling sadness into passion
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Long distance relationships may be painful, but holding onto hope is what makes them survive.

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I lie awake in chilling darkness

Wilting lids refusing to unite

Mind unwilling to drift into peaceful slumber

Body wrestling the solitude of my empty bed

Yearning to be enveloped in the warm cocoon of his arms

But only finding a desolate space of sheets and pillows

My hand reaches for my only lifeline to my love

I swipe away a collection of meaningless pixels

And find a familiar figure

The axis of my world

I gaze into the pair of eyes that send whirlwinds through my aching heart

A beautiful dance of green and brown

My sight shifts to a glowing smile

Emitting sunbeams through the window of my amorous soul

I focus on every centimeter of skin

And feel my longing shift to content

Content of my lips parting his once more

Content of the pure ecstasy of his hand on mine

Content of the day we no longer have to say goodbye

For 300 miles may divide our bodies

But no force may untether our souls.

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