Who's to Blame?
Who's to Blame? frienzoned stories

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I- I believed in you. I gave my whole trust, without hesitation. No buts, no ifs. So why do I feel stupid?

Who's to Blame?

I- I believed in you. I gave my whole trust, without hesitation. No buts, no ifs.

So why do I feel stupid?

Wait- no, why did you lie?

It's not my fault for believing, it's your fault for making me believe!

And now that I did, you're not taking responsibility for the feelings you have inflicted on me. How dare you!

No, it wasn't your fault why I believed. It's mine. And my feelings are not your responsibility, too.

I'm just weak. For tossing such important things to someone hastily. This is my fault.

No! Of course, this is your fault! You made me believed. Lies.

You're a liar. And all of the sins you can do, you chose to lie.

And that is what I hate the most. Being in the dark and being deceived. To end up stupid.

It's my fault. How stupid I am? Am I not knowledgeable enough to discern what is real and what not?

This is from the decisions I've made, now I'm facing all the consequences.

And this consequences are making me regret all those memories. Because your lies tainted the treasured moments I chose not to forget. I promised.

My motto in life: Do something, 'cause you'll regret doing nothing.

But now, I regret risking, 'cause it hurts so much. How the hell did you do that? Why did you lie?

And while our other friends didn't mind how you made a fool of us, I care. Why am I affected so much?

'Cause I hate being stupid, and right now I don't feel stupid at all, I am stupid.

And it hurts because I believed.

And still am.

You lied 'cause you believe you are no better than other people?

Should I commend you for that?

Are you being humble?

I understand that concealing is humility, silence is humility but lying? Lying is so unacceptable.

I was worried about you!

Worrying how will you get in college if you have failed grades?

But then again, I saw the signs yet I believed in words. Your words and your actions aren't aligned at all.

And I don't understand how you do that, why you do that?

What will you get? What do you want to get?

Are you happy?



How many lies have you said?

How many times have you done it?

Fine! I got friend-zoned! Okay! A friend, fine!

But do you lie to your friends?

This- this made me realized two things:

To not believe in words but in actions.

And, how untrusty you are.

And it doesn't matter whose right and wrong. Who's just and unjust. I bet we both are.

It doesn't matter whose to blame.

What matters is my life. Because it seems you are seriously okay on your own even though your words doesn't say so.

And I- I wasted a lot of time worrying about you rather than mine. That was wrong.

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