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chelseaa i wish to resonate
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dedicated for my two friends holding their broken heart


It's not that you're lacking. It's not that you're asking too much. You both took the chance, took the leap. You both tried. And that is all that matters. Not how you broke each other heart.

Not how you're blaming each self. No, those don't matter.

Both of you are my friend. And I know how hard it is for you two to express your feelings. But I saw you two trying.

I saw you both open your once shut mouth, scared to let go of feelings you're unsure that'll be accepted. And for that, I'm proud of you two(so much!). Because expressing is just the thing you two aren't used to do because of fear.

But despite now that you're relationship ended (is it really over?), know how much sacrifices you have given to each other. I hope you still appreciate the time spent thinking about each other.

Those silly things you've done for each other. Imagine, you two communicated. Both an overthinker, always thinking of the worst to protect yourselves.

But still, you got connected, maybe it's a blurred line, blurred feelings, but it was there.

Because if it's just nothing, what were those smiles for? What were those hopeful eyes and words I saw and heard? What were those actions you two subtly did?

What were those doubts and fears for? What were the tears for, then? It is not 'nothing'. It was there. It was something.

I both saw you tried, and sadly, I also saw you two let go.

It doesn't matter if you're the woman or the man, or who let go first, or who decided first. Or who lacked, or who asked too much or who know nothing or who was aware.

It doesn't matter.

Do you know what matters? You two got to decide. And you both let go. And you have your reasons. Acceptable or not in each other eyes or in the eyes of many. There is a reason.

Now, you're both feeling the inevitable pain. Asking all the whys and what-ifs and whose at fault. But I pray you two stop thinking of those reasons to justify the decisions that have been made.

I pray you two don't get stuck wondering where the hell did it go wrong.

I pray you to realize and believe that you lack nothing, that you weren't asking for too much, that you didn't decide hastily, that you didn't give up too fast.

That everything was all for nothing.

It wasn't for nothing.

It hurts, let it hurt. Soon, everything will be fine again. I don't know when but we'll be here for you two. Just remember: You are not alone. You are not lacking.

You are not asking for too much. You are important. You are loved. So much.

I love you too and I hope you got the closure you wanted and needed. I hope you got the truth and the peace of mind you both deserve.

Without doubt, you two will be healed for God is with you two.

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