Stranger Things
Stranger Things poetry stories

cheekyseraphOptimist @ UCLA 2019.
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Stranger Things

by cheekyseraph

The other day I caught a glimpse of a rainbow flag

it waved at me, a gentle smile dancing among its fringe

I looked around nervously before shooting back a shy smile

it was just for a few seconds

but out of the corner of my eye

strode forward a stern figure with a frown

they stood distinctly blue and pink

scowling, their face striking quick,

they released a tiny stone of putrid red

it flew at the flag, falling short

for it was simply too heavy

the figure cursed at the flag

"that is an evil and strange thing"

and I stood there in confusion, thinking of how

the flag had met me with a smile

and I couldn't help but think

surely there are stranger and more evil things than that

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