Where is the line? @cheekymonkey
Where is the line?

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cheekymonkey Larry David, "Whatever Works". C'est moi
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If you like books written by Russians one century ago, you will probably enjoy this. Like them, I also offer moralisms and reprimands.

Where is the line? @cheekymonkey

You can be whatever you like. You are free to be yourself. At least, in theory.

And as respectful people, we will let you be what you want. Spread your freedom wings, butterfly!

However, we have the right to disagree with you.

Furthermore, we may even ridicule your choices and is that right? Not really but is it wrong? Not necessarily. Why? Because it's fair. Everyone has at least once in their life thought/said " Jeez! You are stupid." about someone else.

And embarrassment is needed. Sometimes, you need someone embarrassing you so you can understand some things shouldn't be done in a certain way or shouldn't be done at all. Not all embarrassing moments are justified, of course, but there are always cons to everything.

We live in a culture where "you do you Bubu" is a constant but I'm not sure if that always comes from a good place. I suspect a lot of people say it because they don't want to get reprimanded by others, which means we have a fearful society ( part of it, at least) disguised as a respectful one.

And then we have another group - the people who don't care about what you do.

And in that group, we have two sub-groups: " I don't care as long as doesn't bother me" (I'm ashamed to say I'm part of this group for the most part) and the " I don't care as long as you don't affect the life of others, whoever they are". Let's face it, group two is mainly constituted by fictional characters. Thanks for your services, Batman!

However, the big question is - where is the line? Tolerance is great but too much of it, is a problem too. You are entitled to your opinion but if your opinion or beliefs are a risk to others, your opinion shouldn't have permission to be heard. Why?

The answer is simple. Your freedom to be whatever you want ends where the freedom of others begins. So, no, you are not free to be a racist, a xenophobe, a rapist, a paedophile, a Nazi and so on. And this is where the line is.

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