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cheekymonkeyLarry David, "Whatever Works". C'est moi
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It started with a forgotten sock and it became a weird spin-off of The Prince by Machiavelli.

The forgotten sock

I don't ask for much. I just want that my user finds my match. But he never does, and I'm always paired with Luke.

Luke is a stupid attention seeker hipster that thinks is better than me just because he has different shapes and colours.

So, I have been talking with Reebok for a change in the status quo. It's time for a new administration in the sock drawer.

I also talked with Beer but he said he was busy having a life. * rolls eyes* I don't care anyway. He is just a stinker!

Checkers opposed the Coup d'etat but I think he just doesn't understand French and he was too embarrassed to ask what it means.

The Unsplash gang was on board but I'm unsure about them. I think they may become a problem once I take over.

The tights agreed to it as well but I don't understand their motivations. They are a provisory item in the drawer, what do they have to gain? *squints*

Just kidding! These aren't in the drawer. The user is a thirty old man with no kids. If these were in his drawer, I would probably be put away in a box in the basement of the FBI. I don't like that scenario.

Oh, by the way, this is Matilda. She used to be a Mateo but things change and as you have seen, I don't oppose to change.

So, yeah, this isn't actually about Luke. I just really want to go on a date and rub my sock on hers.

I just think power can make me sexier, you know...

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