Love is a tennis ball @cheekymonkey
Love is a tennis ball

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cheekymonkeyLarry David, "Whatever Works". C'est moi
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Love is a game.

Love is a tennis ball @cheekymonkey

I'm ready! I'm ready to fire up your heart, baby! Watch me go!

Oh damn! It went to the left... Sorry, baby cheeks!

C'mon baby! Throw that ball at me! I'm focused! I'm ready! And I probably developed a haemorrhoid because of the anxiety.

I'm gonna catch it! I'm gonna catch it! It's mine! It's MINE! IT'S MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!

You like hitting this racquet, don't you, naughty? Yeah, you do! Your ball deserves a spank because of that! Rawwwwr!

Sorry, baby! Just got distracted looking at your curves! Sexy mama! Meowwwww!

I don't know... Just thought of trying ballet while playing our love game. Isn't my pirouette, great?

You are too hot, baby! I had to pull out the hose on you. ;)

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