The Poison of Silence
The Poison of Silence stories
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The Poison of Silence

I sit with words to say but instead I’m met with silence

Shut out for my "ignorance" and denial of my intelligence

All I get to say is silence

They tell me I don't know, like I don't see it day by day

The cruelty of the world that they have made to be this way

They say that I can't decide because I am just a child

But they're probably just trying to hide the fact

That they were all too wild

They made some bad decisions and took some wrong roads

So now I have to be the one to bear those heavy loads

They don't realize that I observe

The last bits of good wishing to preserve

They've stripped it all away

And taken what innocence was left

They call it the "real world"

But it was really just their theft

They've taken our love, and care, and joy

And will use any excuse to continue their ploy

The silence is deafening and the darkness is densing

Because all our words are worth is silence

Why am I rejected just because of my age?

Why do they trap me inside this little, tiny cage?

They block me out and push me down

And in their words I begin to drown

It goes deeper than bullets and knives

And tries to tell us how to live our lives

What is hope if they have wrath?

It's hardly anything if you do the math

The walls are crashing in

Their words are becoming truth

And that's how they start to poison our youth

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