Tricks To Get Unlimited Free Chat Fiction Stories Like Hoots On the Hooked and Yarn Apps

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I've been spending a lot of time reading on Hooked and Yarn and found a way to get UNLIMITED free hoots and others. Will also be posting some of those stories here on my commaful channel.

Tricks To Get Unlimited Free Chat Fiction Stories Like Hoots On the Hooked and Yarn Apps

by chatfiction

First off, if you're reading this on Commaful already, you probably already love reading the amazing stories on here....I mean it's free and awesome. What isn't there to like?

But recently I've also gotten into chat fiction stories like Hooked and Yarn. Chat dialogue stories are just kind of interesting. Wanted to show you some hacks and tricks.

PS I also plan to post a bunch of my favorite chat stories here so follow along!

Ok to the hack! This will work on BOTH Hooked and Yarn for unlimited free chat stories. It's super simple.

Basically read as much as you want. When you hit the "you've run out of hoots" page, where they ask you to pay, go to the Settings in your phone (instead of paying obviously)

In Settings on your iPhone, go to "Date and Time" and change the time on your phone to the FUTURE by an hour or MORE.

Once it changes, just go back to the app and it will work! Note, people say this will be patched soon so take advantage!

For Yarn, I don't know a way of getting the free images yet but will keep you posted.

Follow me for more updates, free chat stories, and more updated tricks on how to get more free reads

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