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notice the color change in the slides. do that to your life; get your mind out of the dark


by chasxngnovacain

i am here

and i am free

but before i was

there was a time of darkness, hopelessness, and loss

no i didn't have chains around my ankles, neck and arms

but i had chains on my mind, body and soul

there was a time in my life

where i was lost and confused

a time in my life where i was sure i wasn't going anywhere

so i stopped

i stopped trying, i stopped hoping

eventually i wanted to stop breathing

but something held me back

the last shred of hope i had for my life.

and i realized

that i need to keep fighting, to keep breathing

to be free

so here i am

fighting, breathing and smiling

heading closer to freedom each day

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@michaelschulze thank you

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Self awakening takes time some never really do nice work