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A Poem About My Dad

Already Forgotten

Your picture shook me

I remember so much

How yellow your curtains were behind you

Almost wilted, poorly tended by the Tennessee sun and a pack a day

I remember your carpet and the old Rotel stain

It was your favorite, and I almost dropped a bite in your ashtray

While we shared it between us, crosslegged on the floor

The fibers stuck up, an obstinate tower over a sea of tulip shag

You smiled, already forgotten

I remember how you never cooked

But you loved to eat

I tried to, but I never could give more than a few bites

I know it hurt you,

but you always tried again, already forgotten

I remember the way your glasses sashayed down your nose

Whenever you looked across the table at me

As if to say “who the hell are you to disagree”

But your glasses always returned, wordless

With the push of your middle finger, already forgotten

I remember how you always took my plate, never finished

You would scratch my cheek with your brillo pad goatee

You knew I hated it,

But I always laughed after, already forgotten

I remember so much

Holding your picture

But I notice something I hadn’t

Your face

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