You're Like the Wind Always By My Side -Part 1

You're Like the Wind
Always By My Side -Part 1 janna stories

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This is a short story about the strength of love based on Yasuo and Janna. This is a League of Legends Fanfic.

Declaimer- Please Note: I do not own nor claim Riot's characters as my own. All rights to Riot. This is solely for entertainment purposes. I do not own the art to my book cover. The art belongs to Artist- Yara. I simply edited it.

You're Like the Wind Always By My Side -Part 1

The sun was bright and blazing hot. "We're almost there Kiso." Yasuo said patting his horse's head gently as he rode him through the dry dirt and scattered rocks.

He intended to reach the Emerald Forest. He and his horse were weary from the sun's heat and going to the Emerald Forest would promise them both water and shade.

Yasuo was familiar with the forest. He's visited it a few times. It was like his second home. In the forest he could relax and re-collect himself.

Yasuo knew he was nearing the location the moment he heard the sound of a waterfall. "Ah, See? Told you we were close, Kiso" He uttered to the horse leading him further into the forest..

A few minutes later

Yasuo had guided Kiso towards the stream so that the horse would quench his thirst. Parched himself, Yasuo decided to do the same. He filled his leathery flask with water and gulped away.

It wasn't until he drank the water that he realized just how raw his throat felt. The river's water tasted so rich and refreshing against his gullet that he released a satisfying groan.

Now reinvigorated, he cupped water into his palms and splashed it against his neck to cool off. He then slump down onto a rock and sat down.

He pulled out his flute from his belt and placed the tip of the flute between his lips. Yasuo gently blew into the flute producing a poetic melody that made any ear appreciate the instrument.

The sudden sound of an angelic hum was heard. It was feminine and ethereal. The hum synced itself with the notes that came from Yasuo's flute.

The moment he heard the gentle croon his lips stretched into a smile while his eyes remained closed carrying on, familiar with that voice.

Her voice was celestial it echoed majestically through evergreen forest. It was as if her voice could swoon his soul. The source of the voice finally emerged from between the trees.

Her hourglass- shaped figure came into view. Yasuo sensed her presence and opened his eyes. He gazed upon a young woman with elvan ears.

He stood up hypnotized by her beauty slowly putting his flute away but never removing his eyes away from her.

Her skin was like almond milk embraced with sheer fabric that barely covered her intimate parts.

"And there she is." He said to her with a lopsided smile.

"And there you are." The elvan, young women replied. Her seraphic voice almost had the hint of an echo in it. A delicate smile imprinted on her rosy lips. "You... came back to see me.

" She said delighted to see Yasuo once again.

Yasuo approached her clasping his palms around her face. He looked into her eyes. "I never left you Janna. You carry me your heart. Besides, I'm like the wind remember? Always by your side.

" He pinched her chin affectionately. In truth he hated leaving her when he had to attend to matters that linked to his past.

Plus, he didn't want to involve Janna in his dangerous affairs even more when he had rivals to worry about.

Janna smiled. His words lavished her every being and her pulse began to rise. Yasuo then leaned into her capturing her soft lips with his own pressing her back gently against the closest tree.

"I missed you." She said.

Yasuo inhaled lightly smiling at her. "You have no idea how much I have missed you, Janna."

Janna felt her heart jolt again. She leaned into him and rekindle their kiss. Between each kiss, she began to peel away at his clothes and at any armory he had on.

Yasuo's hand traced up her thighs and then ventured down below, beneath her ivory sheer open-skirt. He watched her every reaction. His eyes locked with hers.

Her jaw agape and she released a whispered noise of pleasure.


Yasuo panic as he stumbled into the forest with Janna's half conscious body in his arms. She was terribly wounded and a thin line of blood slithered down from the corner of her lips.

"Were almost there Janna. Stay with me!" His voice shook. He frantically glanced at her every second to make sure she was still alive while he urgently moved.

Yasuo then set her down on the grass. He could hear horses behind them galloping feverishly towards them. Yasuo gritted his teeth. Blood stained his cheek.

He cupped the back of her head bringing it up gently.

"Janna! Janna. Look at me. Look at me! C'mon. Stay with me" He panted. There was panic in his voice. He watched her fall in and out of consciousness. "Listen to me.

Hey, hey?" He patted her cheek and carressed her face nervously until he could get her to look at him.

"Y-Yasuo.." Janna rasped. She could barely keep her eyes open.

Yasuo instantly felt relief. " Everything is going to be alright. You're going to be alright you understand me?" He said. It was as if he was trying to convince himself of that too.

"I'm going to leave you here for just a moment. I promise I'll be back. Just.. don't close your eyes.

" A lump formed uncomfortably in his throat before he regretfully left her side to deal with the four men in horses. If he didn't stop them now they would try to kill her.

Yasuo moved forward making himself present out in the open several feet away from where Janna was. He drew his katana while his face hardened and his eyes narrowed.


Janna's bare body was molded against Yasuo as the two were bathing in passion in the river by the waterfall.

He had his hands gripped around her thighs while her legs were locked around his hips. Their bodies rocked in heat and moved like the waves of the ocean.

Her head would tip back and from her lips she withdrew erotic songs. Her long, golden locks were drenched from water, and gripped tightly onto her skin. Yasuo was in euphoria.

He was buried deeply within his Goddess wrapped in utopic bliss. He then catered her neck with sensual kisses keeping a steady tempo with his pelvis.

He desired with burning fire to bring them both to a pleasurable burst. When her breath hitched and her intimate songs increased in volume, Yasuo knew she was close to paradise.

He quicken the tempo of his hips letting out a husky groan. The two gripped each other intensely both finally reaching paradise. Janna's nose scrunched with Yasuo panting in awe.

She then giggled tracing his scruffy facial hairs. Yasuo stared at her with a smirk taking her gesturing as confirmation that he achieved his goal.


The four men hopped off their horses. The commander spoke. "We come for your head Yasuo and the head of that elf for trying to protect you. Tell us where are you hiding her?"

Yasuo had no reaction he only stare the man down before he said, " I won't let you lay a finger on her. Besides, its me you're after not her."

The Commander scowled at Yasuo before his eyes placed themselves towards the forest. From the distance he could see a faint ivory silhouette on the ground. He grinned.

Yasuo caught his gaze and tensed.

"Men! Draw your bows over there and fire your arrows." The Commander pointed to the forest. The two men obeyed and drew their bows and then aimed to release their arrows.

Yasuo eyes widened. "Gargh!" He spied towards them in a gliding motion. He targeted the archers first before they could release their arrows.

He spun towards the one on the right and without hesitation he ran passed him and swung his sword once slicing at the male's gut with his sword. Blood splattered.

Yasuo swiftly went to attack the second archer on the left but was quickly interrupted by the incoming arrow fired at him. Yasuo reacted and gathered energy within himself.

"Hhhhya!" He shouted swinging his sword against the ground summoning a wind-wall. It blocked the arrow from hitting him. Yasuo dove into the wind-wall and drove his sword into the male's chest.

The male muffled and choked in his own blood. He was now left with their Commander. The two had a standoff. Yasuo gripped his sword tightly glaring at the man.

"Consider your last breath before I take it." The Commander said threatened. He drew his sword preparing to fight.

"Consider yours."Yasuo replied intensely looking at the man.

The two charged at each other. Yasuo fought his foe determined to end him. Their swords clashing with sparks grinding against one another.

The Commander dodged a few of Yasuo's assaults managing to swing his sword and slicing at Yasuo's shoulder. Yasuo growled ignoring the pain or the blood staining his flesh.

He charged forward and kicked the Commander in the stomach before unleashing a world wind tornado towards him by the a swing of his sword.

The Commander's eyes widened and leaped to the side to avoid the fatal impact. The tornado swept right passed him before it vanished. "So the rumors are true.

You possessed the ability to wield the air." The Commander said feeling slightly intimidated. He then snarled forcing himself to focus.

"I will kill you nonetheless!" He charged at Yasuo with all his might. The two swordsman went at each other again. Their swords clanking each they met in a clash.

The Commander was growing weary and had been cut on his shoulder, thighs, and on his side. He knew he was losing as Yasuo was moving too fast to predict his next move. He decided to cheat.

He kicked the sand from the ground into Yasuo's eyes. Yasuo growled in pain forcing his eyes shut momentarily blind.

The Commander smirked and saw his chance ready to drive his sword into Yasuo. However, a white shield suddenly shrouded Yasuo protecting him from the incoming impact.

The Commander stood there baffled before the force of impact from the shield threw him back. Yasuo opened his eyes awaiting for his vision to adjust.

He noticed the shield around him then instantly looked behind him knowing from where it came from.

(Want to read the rest? Check out PART 2 of the short story!)

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