Long Live Noxus- (A League of Legends Fanfic/Katarina's Lore)
Long Live Noxus- (A League of Legends Fanfic/Katarina's Lore)  talon stories

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Katarina is the daughter of a high-Rank General, Marcus Du Couteau one of the most feared and skilled Blade Master in Noxus. While most girls in their childhood love to play with dolls or crave to wear the most expensive jewelry, Katarina was always caught playing with her father's knives. The older she got the more she yearned to prove herself worthy of a title. Katarina was given her first task but failed to focus on the original assignment, letting her ambitions get the better of her. It cost her a scar and nearly her life.

Learning a valuable lesson, Katarina peruses her addiction of war and the thrill of a kill. She is a fierce Mercenary who will stop at nothing for blood. The battlefield is her playground and the hunt is her game. However, her world turns upside when her father goes missing. With the help of Talon, who looks up to the Great General and had sworn oath to serve under him, the two make it their own mission to find her father in hopes he's still alive.

Little does Katarina know the obstacles and enemies that she must face, or the uninvited mix feelings she develops for both Talon, who has long fought by her side, and Garen, a Demacian nemesis she despises.

This is my version of Katarina's lore.

Long Live Noxus- (A League of Legends Fanfic/Katarina's Lore)

Declaimer: I do not own nor have created any of these characters as my own. This is just a fan- fiction, based off a popular MOBA game called League of Legends and its lore.

I take no credit, all rights to Riot. This is just for all those L.O.L fans who are familiar with the lore and Champions.

Noxus Headquarters

The skies gradually ink to their darkest hour. The cold wind brushed along the ruby strands that danced behind the scarred feminine face of no other than Katarina's.

Her leather-fingerless glove scrunched around her right hand as her grasp on the balcony tightened. She held a distant gaze lost in her thoughts of memories that made her the woman she is today.

Everything around her began to fade and her past memories came to life...


As the prominent daughter of a Noxian General, Katarina was given the best, and when her father discovered her love for knives and not dolls,

he proudly nurtured her ambitions in following his footsteps. He had sent her to Noxus' best Assassin Academy, where she could learn and Master the art of Shunpo.

It was the very academy her father was trained in when he was young.

Katarina's instructor was Master Aikido. He was one of the deadliest assassin with a history that has earned him respect and admiration in the fearsome Empire.

Now retired, he resumed to training those who show potential, patience, and strength in becoming a skilled Assassin.

The art of shunpo is the action of running and blinking into a portal, reappearing in seconds again behind your enemy mostly in up- close combat. It is not an easy ability to learn.

It can take a year or more to develop its technique, which is why many students in Master Aikido's Academy either quit or were let go by he himself.

If they showed him either lack of patience or just weakness, Master Aikido would dismissed them permanently.

He'd tell tell them, "Noxus is an Empire of strength, and therefore does not train impatient weaklings."

Katarina had been training with Master Aikido since she was 17 years old. She was now 20 years old. She had proved to Master Aikido, thus far that she was worthy of his training.

She was no longer the adolescent who struggled in the first few years, felt hopeless, and failed many times at the art or shunpo. Her father had never allowed Katarina to give up.

Instead, he only kept pushing her, reminding her that if she was to become like him, and earn a respected title within Noxus, she could not give up.

After four years of trial and error, the redhead kept patient and continued to press forward.

With many meditations and spar practices she had finally learned how to master the way of the Blades and the art or shunpo.

Under Master Aikido guidance, Katarina was quickly progressing and learning. He saw potential in her and the fire that burned endlessly within her to be like her father.

Katarina had learned the amount of energy and focus it took to even form a portal to shunpo, and the challenges it took to even summon one during a fast pace combat.

She gained agility and understood that outsmarting your enemy was key. Never become predictable. During her course of training, she had also grasped that knowing how to shunpo wasn't enough.

It didn't mean you were suddenly ready for your first task. No, it meant learning how to properly use its ability and knowing when to use it, that is what made you skilled and ready.

Many times Katarina had failed during her training, and in her failures she'd regretfully watch her father leave the quarters clearly disappointed.

To Katarina's chagrin, it only fueled her to push herself and try harder. Gradually, Katarina learned from her failures and her improvements had begun to show.

She was becoming quick with reflexes handling the blades with ease and shunpo-ing with impressive agility.

Today was the day. It had finally arrived. It was the last of Katarina's training and Master Aikido wanted to see if all these years of training his most- talented-student had paid off.

"Hmft- Mft-Hah!" Katarina shouted as she threw every punch she possibly could towards her Master's jaw. However, the 54 year old man truly displayed the years of experience he had in combat.

He kept blocking every fist she attempted to deliver against him just using his right wrist. His other hand remained casually folded behind his back.

"You're becoming predictable Katarina. Faster!" Master Aikido commanded.

Marcus, her father watched closely from afar his right arm tucked underneath his left elbow while the left of his knuckles rested under his chin.

He scratched his dark beard eyeing the spar intently. Was she ready? He wondered. He would soon find out.

Katarina hated hearing the word "Predictable" it ignited her to take herself up a notch. She drew her blades and Master Aikido did too.

The two went at it metal clashing against another the two shunpo-ing to dodged each other's attacks. Katarina knew she had to outsmart him. She made her move.

Performing a butterfly kick, she twisted her body enough in mid air to spin 360 horizontally, sending multiple smaller daggers at her Aikido.

Now, Katarina knew her Master was going to easily deflect those daggers with his own blades. However, this also meant he was going be briefly occupied in doing so.

She had seconds to make her next move. While being in mid-air. Gravity begun to call down her body, but Katarina was going to defy it.

Rather then her feet landing on the ground, it fell into a red portal she formed mentally still in mid-air. Katarina vanished in it and in seconds the portal opened above Aikido.

Katarina landed on the ground behind him instead. In that short duration Master Aikido had successfully deflected all 5 of her daggers that she released towards him a few seconds ago.

Aikido felt the sudden cold edge of her twin blades. She had formed an X with them around his neck.

She spoke into his ear. " Was this still predictable? "

Master Aikido snickered. " Impressive.

You attacked me with a Dark Lotus and you knew I'd deflect those, So you used The dark Lotus to distract me that way you had the chance shunpo behind me in result to this.

Very impressive, Katarina."

Katarina removed the blades from his neck panting. Master Aikido glanced at Marcus and gave him a nod "She's ready for her first mission.

" Katarina swallowed dryly eyeing her father in hopes for his approval. His face expression seemed neutral it was almost impossible to read him.

He slowly approached her still showing no reaction. Katarina tensed.

After a moment of silence of just him staring down at her in deep thought, Marcus cupped her chin and had her eyes meet his own. He brushed her cheek affectionately.

Marcus then replied. "Of course she is. Our enemies have no clue what's coming for them, and you, my little dark lotus, will remind them just who they are up against."

He kissed her forehead and cupped the back of her head bringing her cheek to rest against his chest. Katarina released a breath she did not realized she was holding. He spoke into her ear.

"Now, for your first task. Tomorrow night you are to kill a man by the name of Liam Falcon, a Demacian lieutenant.

Word has it that he and his troops have invaded the area we patrol on the northside of us. I was also told they have set up camp there.

If you succeed you will make The House of Du Couteau proud and Noxus will see you for who you are." Her eyes were closed at the moment he uttered those words.

In acknowledgement, Katarina's eyes re-opened and with a devious gaze she replied, "Yes Father, consider it done." A malevolent smile imprinted on her lips.

Finally, Katarina had the chance to demonstrate her talents in combat and bring glory to Noxus.

The next day the sun had descended to slumber and nightfall came. Katarina had scouted and found a Demacian camp. The soldiers sat around a fire either eating or chatting.

Her stomach churn at the sight of them and hearing their laughter made her sick. If she had a choice she'd kill them all.

"You are to kill a man by the name of Liam Falcon, a Demacian lieutenant. " her father's voice echoed in her mind. It troubled her the more she thought about the assignment he gave her.

Why this lieutenant? Did her father not have enough confidence in her to handle a more challenging task? Why not have her kill someone of a higher rank or the troops altogether?

All these years in training, and finally proving to him that she was more than capable to annihilate their enemy with no hesitation, yet he gives her an aggravatingly simple assignment. Tch.

Katarina was inwardly insulted.

She observed through the tall grass their movements eyeing for this so called Liam Falcon. However, her eyes caught glimpse of the arrival of a man on a horse. She kept still and listened.

"Evening Gentlemen" the man on the horse spoke to the men. They all quickly stood up in respect to his presence."

"Sir!" They said as one.

" Any suspicious activities while I was gone, Lieutenant Falcon? " The man on the horse asked.

Katarina narrowed her eyes now realizing who her target is. He was a middle-aged man with short hair dark as a raven's feathers.

"No Commander. It's been pretty quiet.-" Liam answered.

Katarina eyes slightly widened. "A Demacian Chief- Commander..." A single thought crossed her mind tantalizing her.

An opportunity had came to her feet and Katarina found it difficult to let it pass. Her lips formed in to a smirk. " Why bring the body when I can bring the head" she said to herself.

Katarina decided to wait patiently for the right moment to attack the Commander.

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Disclaimer: This is a fanfic. I do now own the characters. All rights to Riot(League of Legends)


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