Wealth = Health + Gratitude + Happiness
Wealth = Health + Gratitude + Happiness stories

charounAuthor, Professor, Venture Capitalist
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Chris Haroun teaches many business courses online at www.udemy.com/u/chris-har...

Chris Haroun is an award winning business school professor, venture capitalist and the author of "101 Crucial Lessons They Don't Teach You In Business School ", which Forbes magazine calls "1 of 6 books that all entrepreneurs need to read right now" along with Peter Thiel's book and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
Chris is currently a venture capitalist at a prominent San Francisco Bay Area venture capital firm and has previous work experience at Goldman Sachs and several firms that he has founded. He has successfully raised and also has managed over $1bn in his business/finance career.

Chris is also a frequent guest lecturer at several Bay Area business schools including Berkeley and Stanford. He has written numerous articles and been interviewed in Forbes, VentureBeat, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wired Magazine, AlleyWatch.

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Wealth = Health + Gratitude + Happiness

When I started my second company, I was stressed out

I took a drive alone down the beautiful California coast. I stopped by a beautiful old church and I sat down and collected my thoughts. A priest sat next to me.

We spoke for a while about what I was trying to accomplish

I mentioned that I wanted to make as much money as possible so that I could give my children the standard of living that I wanted them to have.

What he told me that day was incredibly prophetic:

“Chris, 50 years from now your children will not look back on you and remember how much money you made. They will look back and reflect how good of a father you were.”

I was blown away by his comment and I thanked him profusely

I now know in my heart that money does not equal happiness. Please don’t make it your primary goal. Find your passion in life and the money will come whether you want it to or not!

You will be much more successful in business

If you have sincere personal gratitude for what you have.

If we are grateful for at least 1 different thing every day

If we are grateful for at least one different thing

All Your Wealth Can't Buy You Health

In order to be happy you need to find time to exercise daily (no excuses) and focus on nutrition (no excuses) and get 7-8 hours of sleep per night (no excuses).

Exercising daily helps you think more clearly

That positive attitude will remain elevated with exercise.

Wealth = Health + Gratitude + Happiness

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