Virtually Dreaming
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charmidnightSomeone who just loves to write
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Hazel is a girl who loves dreaming. Her happiness is dreaming. But sometimes, dreams can also be nightmares

Virtually Dreaming

by charmidnight

Mama, how are Dreams made?

Darkness... Dreams starts with Darkness... Then Darkness turns into Dreams

Mama, did you know I dreamt of a moon?

The moon was big, and huge, large and ginormous. I was standing on my tiptoes! I was a ninja!

Sweety, dreams are dangerous too

They can be nightmares. They can be vicious monsters. But there will always be a silver lining. Day dreaming is unhealthy too.

But... I also dreamt that I was on a lake!

The lake was pretty and bright. Lot's nature too! It was so nice, with the warm breeze. I almost wished that I can feel the water so I can take a swim!

I have so many dreams!

I also dreamt about the high mountains! The soaring eagle! The flowing river!

But then...

I had a nightmare... I was all alone... On top of a cliff... No one but me... The breeze was cold like needles hitting on my skin.

Dreams can be hazardous, my dear

Yeah... I really like nature, mama... I wish I can dream, that I was in the forest, in a cabin drinking coffee, reading magazines, and eating pancakes!

My dear... It's almost bedtime.. Go to sleep now, my sweets

But... I don't want to

You will meet dreams if you sleep, honey

Really?! Well okay then!

I wish you goodnight

Have a nice night, my sweets.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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This is imaginative and tender. The back and forth between mother and child was nuanced with protective love. Great post!!!!!!!!!!!!!