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One question... One answer... One question... And one hard truth...

Reality and Online

by Charmidnight

Have you ever felt In love?

It was like a mix of nightmare and dreams. There was a time of happiness, and a time of pain.

Have you ever felt like the future is the enemy?

Yes I have.... Marriage, kids, and yet there was a mix of dread. I did not know why... But that dread, knocked me into my senses.

Have you ever felt... Separated?

Yeah... Online Dating.... The distance is painful, but what happens if love was true in this online dating? Then... It'll hurt the same way just like in real life.

Have you ever felt trappped? In an endless void?

Yes... The mixture of emotionless, blank, dread, and pain. There was no short-cuts off leaving the void. Except love..

What is love?

Love... Is something we feel... Is something we can't live without.... Love is pain, happiness, and trust. Without this three, what your feeling is not love. Love can't exist without all three.

I know you will soon leave... I have one last question..

Ask away...

What is the difference between Online and In real life love?

There is no difference. Both are hard, Online we can express our feelings freely and deeply. IRL it is a bit harder, but trust is a bit easier than Online. Overall...

There is barely no difference in Online and In real life. What matters is what we feel inside.

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