Dearest, Beloved
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The Letters of Zach Quinns to his beloved, Catherine.

Dearest, Beloved

by charmidnight

America, New York, Apple Street, B28 L31

To: Catherine From: Your Ex-Beloved, Henry

Dear Catherine,

I hate you... I hate relationships... I hate the feeling of love. You wanna know why? Cause after a day's end, they'll leave you empty.

Dear Catherine,

You left me with a broken heart. You hit me with a dagger to the heart. I wished, I never you with it.

Dear Catherine,

I remembered the day, I went to propose to you to your house and you rejected me. Then the next day, you break up with me.

Dear Catherine,

Please tell me what I did wrong. Why aren't you answering my letters?! Catherine... Why... What is wrong with me...

Dear Catherine,

Help me please... I'm drowning in doubt, did I do wrong on proposing to you?

My dearest Zach,

My heart yearns for you, every single step of the way. But it is time for me to leave. I love someone else... Forgive me to what I have done to you. You will always be my first love.

Dear Catherine,

Day, and night, I wept. I drink myself to the verge of death. Did you ever think about me, Catherine?

Dear Catherine,

It has been 10 years... I have passed on... I hope you are happy... I hope that... That your new love will treat you better than I did. Forgive me... I was always stubborn.

Never thinking. This will be my last letter, Catherine. My life is at it's end. I'm sorry to say that you were my first an last love.

I am much a coward to handle pain from love. I love you Catherine... If I had to answer the question, "what did you regret doing in your relationship?" My answer will be simple.

I regret seeing your smile. I regret hearing you laugh. I regret falling in love. I regret seeing the joy in your eyes.

I want to ask you the same thin g if you ever reply back, my beloved Catherine.

From: Zach To: My dearest, Catherine

"I waste my last breath to you Catherine. The last word that will ever leave my lips, shall be 'I love you'" -Zach

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