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These are the members of The Transcendents, the world’s first superhero team comprised entirely of transgender or non-binary superheroes. | About 500 words in length.

The Transcendents

To many, the word Tully means other, parasite, garbage. To the Tuls, it meant family, unity, and belonging. But there is only one Tul left now, and they no longer have that belonging.

Tully is an intergalactic refugee party of one, and they found themself on Earth with no contact to the rest of the galaxy.

With no name, no one who understood their gender, and no family, Tully found a name in the word that hurt all their life.

It was Eric, of The Transcendents, who found Tully and made them belong once again.

Eric Corbin had worked in the same bakery as Alice since he had been hired. She was a rock in his life, both his mentor who helped him accept being transgender, and his friend.

When The Mage, a superhero, began to show up in the local news, Eric drew the connection to kind, caring Alice right away.

Eric had always been scared of his powers but when he found himself stuck in a dark alley with a gang in front of him and an alien cowering behind him, he knew he had to act.

What he did not know was that The Mage had watched him manipulate poisonous gas with his hands and had earned himself the alias Viper.

The Mage was who Alice Baccallo was on the inside, and who she wanted to be on the outside.

The Mage had had known about her magic powered parents since she was young, but they were no superheroes in her life.

When they kicked her out at age 18 she stole a spell book from them and set out to do what they refused to: use their powers for good. She was the first Transcendent.

Now we set our sights on Nova Gillis. Nova was not special. She knew this despite the years of her mother telling her that she would be out of the ordinary.

Being special was reserved for people with money. Being special was reserved for people who weren’t black. Being special was reserved for people with superpowers.

No, Nova was not special, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her from being super in her own way.

When Nova put on her ninja outfit and patrolled the streets, she was not trying to be special, but was instead trying to earnestly help people.

When she got in over her head, it was The Transcendents who stepped in to help. They did not just help her with crime fighting; they helped her find meaning in her life once again.

These are the members of The Transcendents, the world’s first superhero team comprised entirely of transgender or non-binary superheroes.

Together, the four of them work for what they believe in: fighting for their family, fighting for new friends, fighting to make the world safer, and fighting for the equality of all.

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