The Many Sided Conscience
The Many Sided Conscience horror stories

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"We pass through the scope of their conscience as fleetingly as a dust mote across our own vision. And yet...and yet they chose me." || A little poke into the cosmic horror romance genre. 700 words in length.

The Many Sided Conscience

They speak their words with thousands of tongues. They see with many unclouded eyes. We pass through the scope of their conscience as fleetingly as a dust mote across our own vision.

And yet...and yet they chose me.

The many sided conscience that dreams beneath the depths of our world sees all.

Their conscience acknowledges all dimensions of being, including time, yet it was not until the day of my choosing that we met.

I walked down near the ocean and saw the tide receding. During low tide I could walk out to passed the pier. Unknown to many, there is a small shrine of coral and rocks beneath it.

As I approached the shrine I slipped and fell, cutting my hand on a sharp shell. The blood dripped across the coral of the shrine and I gasped.

A small and unassuming locket on a chain draped across the cairn began to glow. I leaned closer, inspecting the locket, and as I did, a great crashing noise came from behind me.

I turned and a creature of indescribable proportions arose from the depths off the shore. The many sided conscience had arisen, triggered by my seemingly accidental trip.

I know now that it was fated to be.

The creature stared down at me. They blinked their thousand eyes and spoke to me. Their voice was hundreds of whispers, all overlapping, in many dead languages and living ones too.

Every part of my body screamed that I should have been scared, but I was not.

When the many sided conscience saw that I could not understand them, a gently swaying tentacle broke away from its side and hurtled towards me.

Before I knew it the tentacle made contact with my forehead and my mind went blank.

In the white space where my thoughts once existed, a smaller version of the creature appeared. They approached me.

"You aren't afraid," the conscience said in a quizzical manner, tongues tripping over my language.

I smiled slightly, "Why would I be?"

The conscience replied, "I can see your thoughts. I see the sadness in you."

"My sadness is only a product of my environment."

The creature closed their eyes, many orbs moving under their lids, and opened them again. I knew that they were looking at the truth of my life.

They saw the abuse, the shunning, the cuts that had faded from my arms only to be reopened by my own hands again and again.

The creature looked at me with their many eyes and said, "Come with me."

I startled.

"I cannot promise that you will be happy, but with me I can promise the ocean's salt will not sting your wounds.

With me, you can breath there, swim there, live outside the stream of time and see all."

I tapped a finger to my chin, "Why me? Why now?" I inquired.

The creature replied, "Let the tides exemplify. Our consciences come and go. When it is high tide my siblings and I swim along the shore and view your people.

When it is low tide, we slumber and dream of your people. It is our duty to watch, to listen, but not once in thousands of years have your people been fearless upon seeing us, until you."

The many sided conscience, in that white space, approached me. Its eyes bore into me, its limbs sliding along the imagined ground, and it said, "Please, I can make you a God."

The creature smelled of brine and I breathed in deeply.

"Alright, I'll go with you."

The many sided conscience removed their tentacle from my head outside of the white space, and another tentacle shot up to replace it.

This one, upon touching me, sent a ripple of electricity through my body. I sprouted gills. Webs grew between my toes and fingers.

My limbs grew longer and my body became chubbier and better insulated.

The many sided conscience made a strange whispering noise and we waded into the depths of the ocean together.

I have lived among these creatures for generations now and I have learned what that strange whispering noise was. The many sided conscience was happy.

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