The Gnomes and Halflings of Marrow
The Gnomes and Halflings of Marrow creation stories

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A creation story for the gnomes and halflings of my dungeons and dragons setting: Marrow. Read more about Marrow here:

The Gnomes and Halflings of Marrow

To many, The Wilds are looked upon with contempt. This land has bred savages and barbarians, tricksters and wanderers. Even the goddess Adina, the patron of these lands, was branded a thief.

She lived amongst the gods until one day she tried to steal a godly treasure and her own greed brought her downfall.

Now we, the gnome and Halfling races, nomads of The Wilds, celebrate her when no one else does. We are the last worshippers of Adina, and this is her tale.

Adina was the youngest child of the goddess Isa who served the chief god Rockra. Every day Adina would accompany her mother to the chambers of Rockra and gaze upon his many treasures.

There was one treasure that spoke to her over all the others. That was Rockra’s golden anvil. One day, as Isa was drawing Rockra a bath, Adina snuck away to see the anvil.

In her foolish and childlike nature, she attempted to use it to create a new race.

Clang clang! went the anvil and Adina created the gnomes, short little things with pointy ears, olive skin, and a way with tools.

Clang clang! went the anvil and Adina created the Halflings, similar to gnomes but with a thirst for knowledge of the land.

Adina kept banging away at the anvil, delighted as she created more and more little beings but Rockra heard the anvils clangs and burst into the room, Isa behind him.

In his anger at discovering Adina, he swept up his eternal bow and aimed at her.

Three arrows struck her back and Adina fell through the sky down into Marrow, right in the middle of The Wilds were she had put her creations.

Far from her home, pierced with the eternal arrows of Rockra, Adina now wanders The Wilds crying out in pain.

Sometimes, if you walk out into the woods and stand very still, you can hear the animals bay along with her cries.

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