The Creation Story of The Varowe Desert
The Creation Story of The Varowe Desert creation stories
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The Creation Story of The Varowe Desert

by charlie

At the start of time, the first goddess created six planes of existence and bore three children.

The eldest child was a fierce warrior, god of the ocean.

The youngest child was also a warrior, agile and quick. He was the god of the sky.

The middle child, however, was an artisan. All she wanted to do was weave her tapestries.

Together, the eldest and the youngest siblings created a seventh plane of existence.

It was a world of water and air.

They went to show their mother what they had created but their sister asked if she could add something. The brothers laughed.

“What could you possibly add?” they asked, “All you can make are silly tapestries!”

Their sister shook with rage. “I will show you,” she exclaimed, “I will weave the greatest land you will ever see!”

And so she set about weaving. She wove tall, snowy mountains and deep green forests.

She placed her land right in the middle of her brother’s ocean and made it crescent shaped, like the moon that hung in her younger brother’s sky.

Soon, all the thread she had left was a dusty yellow, and with it she created a vast desert. Feeling sorry for it, she blessed the desert with a protector.

With the last of her energy she created her daughter Loish, the first spider, the great weaver, and goddess of the Varowe Desert.

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