The Amber Eye
The Amber Eye dragon stories
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This was originally written as a world-building piece for a dungeons and dragons campaign that never got played. Read more about the world of Marrow here:

The Amber Eye

Once, a bear wandered the forests of Baolin, long before this land knew a country. This bear was the son of the mountain god, but he was an outcast, for he had been born a lesser form.

With no clan and no name, the bear searched the mountains for the Amber Eye, a lost artifact of the first plane, the realm of the gods.

As the bear wandered deeper into the mountains, he caught the scent of flame. He followed it to a cave in which a sleeping dragon lay.

Its head was the width of three bears and had shiny red scales. On the dragons feet were curling daggers for claws. The dragon’s eyes flicked open, and it blinked down at the bear.

A smile curled around the dragons face.

“Tiny creature,” it hissed, “Why have you come here?” The bear stood on his hind legs and puffed himself up, “I come in search of the Amber Eye,” he replied. The dragon huffed.

“If it is that which you seek, you must battle me. You will not have it ‘till I am slain.” “So be it,” the bear replied. The dragon stared down the bear, “I do not think you understand.

No one has defeated me in battle. Princes, badgers, monkeys and little creatures such as you have all died by my claw.”

“They have not searched for what I have."

“And what is that,” asked the dragon. This was the first time the dragon had genuinely been interested in what the bear had to say. “I search for a purpose,” the bear replied.

Before the dragon had a chance to respond, the bear had leapt from where he stood, claws prepared to attack. The bear landed on the dragons back.

The dragon thrashed, intent on shaking the bear off so it could pin him but the bear was resilient.

The bear dug his claws into the dragons neck, scratching down to the dragons eye socket, were it gouged it out. With a snap, the eye came loose.

The dragon bellowed and shook about, clawing at its empty socket. As blood seeped across the cave floor, the dragon stilled and fell to the ground with a great thud, finally slain.

The bear jumped down from the dragons back and approached the eye where it had rolled away. Its amber colour shone in the darkness of the cave. Slowly, the bear reached out to touch it.

As his paw brushed its warmth, it came into his chest and remade him. The mountain god’s voice spoke all around him, “You have done well.

I have remade you and you shall pioneer a new race known as the dwarves. From this day forth you have a purpose.

Pass on your bloodline so each dwarf with amber eyes shall be a descendant of gods.”

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