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charliesheldonphilosopher & pervayor of weird cat pics
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A wizard and his familiar take a streetcar ride. | Inspired by real events, about 300 words in length.

Streetcar Psychic

A man with a leashed cat sat down beside me on the streetcar today. I did not notice him at first as I had my head buried in my phone.

His cat was on his shoulder and he had begun speaking to the cat in a loud, annoyed tone. The cat was calm, occasionally adjusting itself and would meow back.

As the streetcar ride progressed the cat startled at a sudden jerk. The man pulled the cat onto his lap and said “If you keep acting like this I will cancel our trip to Japan.”

Now he had my attention as I myself am going to Japan in October.

He continued in this way, going off about his trip and how he’ll cancel his hotel reservations and plane ticket the following day. The cat meowed back, protesting loudly.

Suddenly the man’s demeanour changed and he planted a kiss on the cats head, telling it “I’m only joking” as we squealed to a halt at the station. “Our trip in October is going to be lovely.”

As I stood and collected my things the man turned to me, cat grasped in his hands, and said “See you there.”

My face paled and he laughed. The cat meowed as he placed it back on his shoulder, stood, and sauntered off the streetcar.

I was rooted to the spot, people moving around me as though they had seen nothing in the practised boredom mastered by big city locals.

When I regained my ability to move I rushed after him, intending to question what he meant. Favour was not on my side, however, as the man had disappeared.

All I was left with was tightness in my stomach and the memory of my brush with a real streetcar psychic.

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