Patron Saint of the Quiet
Patron Saint of the Quiet poem stories

charliesheldon philosopher & pervayor of weird cat pics
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A piece of peace and quiet. || Organised like prose, a poem in disguise. 175 words in length.

Patron Saint of the Quiet

They pray to you in their own ways. Sometimes it is at altars with heads bowed and hands clasped together...but not always.

Some pray to you when they are the third wheel. They pray when they're in a group and the sidewalk was too narrow so they're the one who walks behind.

They pray to you when they have something to say but they just can't find the right moment to add it to the conversation.

They pray to you when they notice something that should be obvious but assume someone will notice and don't bother to point it out, only for it to be overlooked entirely.

Some pray when they come home at night and need to shut that door that always squeaks.

Always, always, their prayers are just like them, quiet, and just like you, quiet, and just like so many of the souls that are more than anyone will ever give them credit for.

Thankfully, you, their patron, will always be there to do what you do best, listen.

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