Naura The Moon (creation myth of the Serum Humans)
Naura The Moon (creation myth of the Serum Humans) creation stories

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The creation myth of another culture from my dungeons and dragons setting Marrow. I intend to continue uploading the various myths from each religion as I add them to my world anvil page. Read more about it here:

Naura The Moon (creation myth of the Serum Humans)

When nothing else was, there was Naura. Naura was all alone and one day she grew lonely so she, being the goddess that she is, created something. She created Voice.

Then she created Song and with Song she sang into creation a world. Then she created a sky, then sun and stars, and finally she created a moon where she settled herself to watch over her world.

It was with these breathes that she made what we know, all because she wanted to.

That is how we remember that each of us on this world is wanted, simple as that.

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