I Loved You Most in the Silence
I Loved You Most in the Silence short story stories

charliesheldonphilosopher & pervayor of weird cat pics
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Silent treatment. || Short romantic story about 115 words in length.

I Loved You Most in the Silence

I loved you most in the silence. On our first “date” when we hung out in your basement playing mario kart I'd look at your reflection in the television loading screen.

When we talked about marriage it was always in the quiet before sleep, dreams whispered in the dark. I loved you most at our wedding reception during the silence between songs.

I loved you most during the quiet of kisses, two people's lips pressed together.

And then, when the arguments came with raised voices and stomping feet, I would turn to go but when you lapsed into silence and I looked back into your eyes, I knew I would always stay.

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