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Ginny X Luna HP fanfiction. <400 words
(Its been ages since I wrote any fanfiction but I opened my old AO3 today and wanted to give it a shot again.)

“As a child I thought that the sky was a giant raven,” I told her in earnest.

She rolled over to face me, eyes shining in the dark.

“So what was the moon?”

I paused although I knew she was the least likely person to judge me. Something about the night felt like a night of truths.

Sneaking out of the castle to lie under the stars with the girl that I liked, no, loved was a dangerous yet thrilling thing, just like a told truth.

“The moon was the raven’s slow blinking eye.”

She smiled and leaned over, unabashedly laying a kiss against my cheek. It seemed so strange that I was the Gryffindor and yet she was the brave one.

Something about her made me feel careful and slow, like I was afraid of breaking what we had. I had never felt this way with any of the boys I had been with.

Suddenly she sat up and took off her shoes.

“Luna?” I asked.

She giggled, “Take your shoes off, Ginny.”

Without thinking too hard, I followed suit and she pulled me up with both hands. She looked at her feet and curled her toes around in the grass.

“Now watch this,” she produced her wand from her robe pocket and quietly whispered an incantation. My feet began to tingle and we both ever so slightly rose off the ground. She held out a hand.

“Dance with me?”

I took it and she began to sing. Her voice sounded like a little kids voice, just as quiet, but it had a dream like quality.

We spun and giggled and hopped above the grass until the spell wore down and we returned to the Earth once again.

“I love you Ginny Weasley,” she said as her feet settled in the grass once more.

“And I love you, Luna Lovegood.”

We ran back to the castle together, hand in hand, heart to heart.

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