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The village of Faywin, blessed with a wedding! Come and party with the bugs! || Short feel-good fantasy story. About 170 words in length.


How delightful! I turned over a log and found a small town of bugs with houses constructed of leaves. They were having a festival that day so I asked a ladybug “what for?”

And he said “blessed be this day, miss, for a wedding is to take place in the town of Faywin.”

And I set aside the log and asked to join them and the ladybug said “yes” and flew to my arm, placing the tiniest of teacups on my hand.

I graciously accepted the honeydew tea and sat amongst the bugs as they crawled through my leg hairs and across my hiking boots.

The groom was a handsome ant who cried as his bride arrived down a carpet made of moss and the reception was pure and sweet.

I dared not dance to avoid crushing any of the guests of course but it was still fun.

When the day became night I bid the town of Faywin farewell and hiked back onto the path, with only the memories of my day with the bugs.

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